FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )

We provide all short of software development services. It may be a website, may be POS software, SMS based software or may be a custom build ERP solution. It can be in any platform whether desktop, web or mobile. Mainly there are two types of software development services we provide:

Custom designed Software: Based on client’s requirements we develop any short of software to fulfill customers need.

Ready Software Solution: Package software that is already developed and delivered to clients in minimum price with maximum functionalities.

For your clear understanding you can consider following matters:

Till today, it is 9+ years old in the market
It has a list of happy customers around 400+
It has two offices at different locations and 3rd one in the process
More then 25 specific Industry wise ready software package
Successful delivery to 4 other countries other than homeland
100% success in customized software development and integration
with machinery in last five years

Alchemy Software can assist you

A) In business promotion (by developing lucrative website, by CRM Software to boost up marketing and control, by branded SMS or email marketing)

B) In business expansion (by proving extend control on transaction, by providing online payment system)

C) In proper internal control imposition on business operation (by providing customized or industry defined ready software and different level training)

D) In reduce expenses (by software development and machinery integration)

Overall Alchemy can assist you to animate your aspiration about your business with the help of software technology.

Time, Labor and Money saving

Control on the overall business

Accurate and fast reporting

Standard service & support so that you can use your software without hazard & interruption

Alchemy software maintain a skilled, dedicated, enthusiastic, self motivated workforce to provide you best possible service to handle your day to day work efficiently. To serve you best in this industry, we maintain following system:

Online help desk: If you encounter any problem, just inform us (through mail or phone call). We have a dedicated support team working form 10am to 6pm and providing instant support to our client through Internet Connection.

Direct Service at client premises by skill People: Few situations arise when it is wise to serve directly at client premises rather than call centre support. We maintain a team of skilled people to provide service at the client premises.

Help desk at office: For any requirement, suggestion and support clients are always welcome to our office if client want to discuss with total team at office.

Before trust any software firm, you should consider following parameters carefully

a) Work experience: Check the work experience of firm; get documentary evidence about its proof. Alchemy Software is in work for last 9+ years and few people working in Alchemy are experience more than 8 years in related field.
b) Team depended or single person depended business: If you buy software from single person depended firm it may deemed cheap but you may not get good service and support in near future. Buying software from a firm which maintain sufficient work force may deemed costly then from single person depended firm, but it will wiser decision for future service & support. Before trust any firm just is clear about the work force and team status of the software firm.
c) Get information about the completed projects: Check all the project done by that particular firm if it is possible or test few of them random basis. It will give you detailed information about skill of said firm. The more successful project means more chances of your project success.
d) Verify Clients: Get a customer list and visit or contact all or few of them so that you can get clear cut information about their service. If possible visit client office or sent some one who can visit client premises directly.
e) Study offered product or service thoroughly: If your desired service or product is ready you can study thoroughly (see demo, collect detailed offer) so that you can get clear view about the ability of the software development firm. Ask some practical question about difficult issues and evaluate all answer against it. It will give you better understanding about the software development firm. Because, the more clear understanding abut the scope of the project, more probability of successful implementation

If you consider above parameters in case of Alchemy, you must trust Alchemy, because around 400+ organizations trusted in last 9+ years and the list in being rich day by day. And you know it pretty well that one happy customer refer another customer to us.

We basically sing monthly fixed payment basis continue service and support agreement. Under this we treat a customer are eligible to get all the benefits that is possible by Alchemy. Under this we generally provide following four services continually and we don’t keep any hidden charge.

Continuation of existing software: Any support necessary for client to continue work though software every day.

Modification of existing Software: Modification for easy operation of existing software if client management deemed necessary.

Up gradation of existing Software: Necessary up gradation (time to which alchemy software updated) will be provided to client.

Visit client premises: Monthly twice physical visit at client premises (for local clients)

Alchemy software always tries to employ well experienced, skilled, energetic, enthusiastic, well mannered and well behaved, responsible people so that alchemy software can serve you best possible in these industries.

Any short of custom build software are possible that you desired if it is logically programmable.
Custom build software is generally developed considering every necessary parameter and includes only functionalities that advantageous for client. That is why many cases custom build software is much easier then the ready software package.
To get clear understanding of the scope of the project our development team asks for detailed requirements (like your used/proposed reporting format, recording process, your expected reports and functions, step by step work flow etc.). Every correspondence is properly documented so that no misunderstanding can take place between you and Alchemy team. Sometimes it happens that customer wanted something which is not logical to develop. Then team inform client about it and suggest the best possible way that are closer to client’s requirements.
Successful implementation time varies depending on project size, work environment, user type, development platform, payment status, testing system etc. Alchemy Software always committed to delivery on time whatever the situation is. Generally it took average 1 month for small projects, within four to six months for ERP.
We have dedicated call center support for quick form 10am to 7 pm every day. Considering the stages of bugs we serve as early as possible. Our team always gives standard deadline for bug fixing within 24 hours for minor case and 72 hours for major cases.
Alchemy Software is in business from last 9+ years. But people who started Alchemy are experienced more than 9+ years. Alchemy also prefers hiring experienced and skilled people for professional result.
Yes, we are well experienced in integrated web solution. To be sure about it you can contact us for demonstration.
Till today it’s a Partnership Firm under Partnership Act 1932 but soon it’s going to be Limited Liability Company under company’s act 1994.
Yes. We come on site if your office situated in area we have coverage.
Yes it is possible. Few business organizations become our client by outsourcing software development service from Alchemy Software without face to face discussion. For details you can contact us.

Depending on work we provide one month to six months free service. Generally for ready software package, free service & support period varies from 0 to 6 months. In case of ERP software we provide six months free service.

We have a good list of customer ranging form small shop operating POS software to a group of companies operating business in many countries. For details information see our client list.

Depending on work we take 60% advance and remaining 40% after successful installation of the software/applications.
Yes, your data is 100% safe with alchemy Software. In every cases of development Alchemy Software maintain professional ethics and all the significant matters are properly documented to keep your data safe.
We follow all cutting edge data encryption method, database management system, sound internal control & documentation system to assure confidentiality. You can depend 100% on us about confidentiality.
For alchemy software all the projects are confidential and it doesn’t disclose any matters of our customer that are risky for them. Not only that we follow various encryption methods to keep ensure our client’s relevant matters confidential.

Yes, Alchemy Software is committed to cope with all the updated technologies that changing the world and also committed to update its client too. Just make a maintenance service & support agreement so that we can provide you update all the times.